I've been involved with microphones, mixers and digital recorders since the turn of the century. Like many Production Sound Mixers, I come from a musical background. A college degree in audio production and years in the studio lead me to film and video production. In 2005 I moved to Hawaii in pursuit of adventure. While there I worked at Steelgrass Recording Studios working with local talent as well as visiting talent from the TV/Film world. I returned to Los Angeles in 2010 and worked for Technicolor until they closed their doors. Since 2012 I've been putting wireless mics on talent and balancing a 12' boom pole. Production Sound Mixing has taken me all over the U.S. as well as Canada and Mexico. Whether I'm sitting at my cart or wearing a bag I'm always in the sweet spot. I recently joined Local 695 as a Y8 Boom Op and am pursuing that universe while also continuing to provide the best non-union sound mixing possible.

(808) 634- 4906 | sonicboompole@gmail.com